Bluegrass Fuel Systems
Bluegrass Fuel Systems
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This commercial unit is designed for people who need lots of fuel and fast. It is the highest production biofuel unit on the market. It features a completely different 3-tiered filter setup with a robust FP-3 media assembly which ensures the final product is flawless. It is easy and cheap to service and features remote controlled operation and an automatic fuel nozzle, you'll feel like your standing in front of your local gas station's pump, except that you won't have to swipe your card or take cash to the teller!

What comes with the TF5000?

~100 Gallon tank with up to 18 GPM pump
~1 commercial grade fuel hose, 7ft length
~digital fuel flow meter
~automatic fuel nozzle
~all fittings
~1 FP-3 Filtration Media assembly
~1 non-bypass filter housing with PFC5000 filter
~mixer built directly into the tank (attach your drill)
~5 extra PFC5000 filters
~filter wrench
~1 pump/filter housing mount
~1 30 micron cleanable stainless steel strainer
~complete instruction manual

The TF5000 comes to you mostly assembled, you will need to tighten 2 quick connect fittings together and slide the hose/nozzle onto the last filter and clamp. Even if you were totally blind setup shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

Output: Up to 400 gallons/Hr
Maintenance Costs: $0.04/gallon
Unit Payback: 2 weeks (500 gal. of oil processed a week at a 50/50 blend with a $3/gal. diesel fuel average)
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