Bluegrass Fuel Systems
Bluegrass Fuel Systems
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A large step up from the TF1000, the TF3000 features a larger 26 gallon tank, a faster pump, and a larger FP-2 filtration media assembly. The TF3000 is perfect to fuel 2-3 vehicles and does well in the back of a truck bed or in a garage.

What comes with the TF3000?

~26 Gallon tank with 2.2 GPM pump assembly/viton internals
~fuel nozzle
~1 FP-2 Filtration Media assembly
~1 non-bypass filter housing with PFC filter
~mixer (attach to your drill)
~5 extra PFC filters
~filter wrench
~battery/pump leads with on/off switch
~filter mounting screws
~complete instruction manual

The TF3000 comes to you completely assembled, simply remove it from the box, take the packing paper and instruction bag out of the tank and you are ready to make fuel. Make sure the mesh bag containing the filtration media stays in the tank!

Output: Up to 52 Gallons/Hr
Filter Overview: 1-10 Micron stainless steel filter, 1-1 Micron PFC filter, specifically designed to filter petro based fuels, and a FP-2 filtration media assembly, which is used to remove all acids, water, antifreeze, paraffin.
Maintenance costs: $0.05/gallon
Unit Payback: 2 Months/8 Days (using 250 gal. of oil a month at a 50/50 blend with a $3.00/gal. diesel fuel average)